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Personal Data:
Name: Moustafa Mohammed A. Ghareeb
Date of Birth: June 30, 1955
Marital Status: Married
Nationality: Palestinian
Language: Arabic and English (both speaking and writing)
Permanent Address: P.O. Box 41105 Riyadh 11521 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Mobile : (+966)( 555)(493573)
Educational Attainment: 1975-1979 Degree of Bachelor of Commerce College of Commerce and Management Studies Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Certificate of Training: -English Language Course (United Kingdom) -Internal and External Training Schemes -Accounting, International Business, Foreign Public Management, Modern and Advanced Administration, Decision Making, Audit and Internal Control Other Objectives: Supervisor, Trainer, and Guide to: -Accounting Employees -Sales and Marketing Representatives Staff -Audit and financial Candidates Additional Skills: -Marketing Research in Production, including Consumer Surveys and Market Testing -Publishing of Periodical Reports in the fields of Finance, Sales and Marketing Work Experience:
1979-1981 Audit Assistant, Whinney Murray & Co., a member firm of Ernst & Whinney International
1981-1983 Financial Manager, Abdul Rahman S-El-Emran, Est.
1982-1983 Assistant Manager of Agriculture, Ghater Tahseen Est.
1984-1987 General Manager Assistant, Saleh A. Al-Arainy Est.
1987-1990 Division Manager, Arabic Books, Book Keeping and Translation, Ernst & Yang International
Financial Consultant to Prince Faisal Bin Fahad Al-Faisal
1990-1992 Financial Manager, Al-Raha For Pest Control
1992 present General Manager Assistant, Financial Manager, & Partner, Nomer Medical Group Note: Also a part time consultant for accounting, auditing, and computer software selection for other companies and princes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Most of the companies I worked with gave me the authority to negotiate on their behalf when I visited the USA, UK, China, India, and other Middle Eastern countries.
Additional Accomplishments: -During travel to the USA, I have assisted in the negotiation and consummation of long term exclusive contracts with American manufacturers for the supply of products to Middle Eastern markets. -I have assisted in the formation of Nomer Premier International Corp. Limited, a Cayman Island corporation that trades pharmaceuticals and other products in International markets.




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